Financial Informatics is the development and evaluation of applications, tools, processes, and structures which manage financial data or support the investment process.

Financial Informatics?

This site serves as a gateway to information of use to software professionals working in finance. This means it includes references to Quantitative Finance, tools and techniques for financial software development and information on the business of Investing for the purpose of educating technologists. It is definitely not a goal to teach technologists how to profitably trade.

Financial Informatics is not just big data, Financial Informatics also includes Straight Through Processing (STP), Master Data and the infrastructure supporting valuation models and risk management activities.

I have written a paper asserting why Financial Informatics should be a separate sub-discipline within the field of Computer Science that you can download from SSRN. For the most part there is no published research on the application of technology to finance. One goal of this effort would be to begin to build a body of academic research in the area of Financial Informatics.

My philosophy about the business domain is that one can provide a much better product if one understands the business domain well, thus software developers and business analysts in the financial industry should have as deep a knowledge of the financial domain as is possible.

Software Concepts contains information on software concepts which are critical to be understood if one is to be well rounded in software development in finance. There are probably many more, but these are the ones which my co-workers and I use over and over.

Tools contains information on open source software tools which might be useful to a student of Financial Informatics. Some of these tools are used in production systems, some might be more suitable just for learning.